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hottab working

Because Nine-to-Five is too mainstream

At #HOTTAB we have the whole afternoon to ourselves. As it happens… Walking into the office on Tuesday morning at 07:55, after the long weekend, the quiet tiredness looms in the air. Pale, tired faces look up from the desks as people walk into the office looking like White Walkers. This is going to be […]

Beer and Loathing in Hanoi: Furbrew’s Crafty Craft Beers

Ordinarily I’ve found places like this back in the UK to be able to smell the uninitiated coming through the door and noses are raised like gun barrels for sneering down and their air is thick with condescension. “Are you lost, sir? Wetherspoons is down the road.” Fortunately, this is Hanoi and such hoity-toity, paper-doily bullshit just doesn’t fly here. Folks at Furbrew are friendly, decent and accepting – even of smelly reprobates like me who lack a deeper appreciation for the fine art of beer consumption.

Mythical Beverages atop the Unicorn

I’ve drank some strange concoctions in my time, but never in all my nicotine-stained years have I seen such an ostentatious cocktail constructed with such mathematical precision. It must’ve taken the heart of a poet and the mind of a scientist to devise and pull off such a bold feat. What’s more, it was unconscionably delightful – people have killed for lesser sensations.
Linguini Fini Adapts and Conquers

Linguini Fini Adapts and Conquers

Hanoi's Linguini Fini is an Italian chain restaurant with a twist, with each a menu adapted to local tastes but still staying true to Homegrown Food's ethos of using fresh, locally sourced produce.
Bia hoi

Bia Hoi – “Uong di, an di”

They are called Bia Hoi in Vietnam and mine is the best. Not mine, but the one I frequent. The lady who runs it is in her late thirties and she is always so friendly and welcoming. She sells a brilliant German lager beer in a big glass beer mug for 7.000VND a pop.
space bar

Gincent Van Gogh on the loose in Hanoi

Space Bar is the Swiss army knife for intrepid intoxicators – not only is it a bar, a cafe, but beyond that it’s a co-working office space and host to the Art for Grown-ups night, which of course fell on the night that I was scheduled to visit.

No Internet? No Problem! Introducing HotTab POS’s Offline Mode.

Cloud-based POS systems are increasingly favored by many businesses which help manage your operations effectively over the internet. What happens to your cloud-based POS when the Internet is not available? To resolve this problem, HotTab introduces a POS system with an effective offline mode. Cloud-based POS’s Important Features It is frustrating and stressful when the […]
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