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No Internet? No Problem! Introducing HotTab POS’s Offline Mode.

Cloud-based POS systems are increasingly favored by many businesses which help manage your operations effectively over the internet. What happens to your cloud-based POS when the Internet is not available? To resolve this problem, HotTab introduces a POS system with an effective offline mode. Cloud-based POS’s Important Features It is frustrating and stressful when the […]

Unique Selling Proposition: How To Define Your Restaurant’s Powerful Attractions

Thanks to developments in science and technology, businesses are becoming more and more efficient and producing much greater profit than decades before. However, that also leads to far more vigorous competition for market shares among countless players in the market. The F&B industry is no exception. In order to survive and prosper, a restaurant must create […]
6 smarter menu pricing

6 Smarter Menu Pricing Strategies

Menu pricing is not at all an easy task for any food entrepreneur when setting up their new restaurants. There are numerous factors that determine menu prices, such as food cost, staff salary or even the economy. The hardest challenge is to build a set of prices that balance those factors to maximize profits. Below […]
skyline restaurant

Powerful Techniques To Create An Irresistible Restaurant Menu

Much more than a list of names and prices, your restaurant menu is a reflection of your theme, your style and the quality of your food and service. How do you create a menu that your customers love, but at the same time benefits your restaurant? There are crucial menu building strategies that you can […]
HotTab POS Inventory

POS Inventory Management: The Easier Way To Manage Inventory

In a world of tremendous innovative technologies being invented every single day to make our life easier, why manage inventory manually when you can maximize your efficiency with a POS inventory management system? The Challenges Of Manual Inventory Management There are countless numbers of challenges when you take inventory without any technical support. Some small, […]
3 things you have been doing wrong

Restaurant Inventory Problems: 3 Things You Have Been Doing Wrong

nventory problems are simply unavoidable in any business, especially in the restaurant industry. You serve world-class food and your customers are happy. However, when your business does not yield a large profit. Food costs keep rising, waste and spoilage pile up every month and food trend forecasts often fail. How do you interpret your situation and […]
table layout

Restaurant Interior Design: The Atmospheric Soul Of Restaurants

To any restaurant, its atmosphere plays the role of its soul.  If the food being served has the spotlight and the guests are the audience, then the restaurant’s surroundings, as well as the vibe it gives off, set the stage. From any guest’s viewpoint, a restaurant is basically a dining room away from home. Therefore, […]
hottab loyalty program

How To Leverage POS to Utilize Your Loyalty Program

Return customers account for a significant portion of your business revenue. Since there are countless numbers of competitors in the market, guests who are satisfied with your F&B service need incentives to come back. Nowadays loyalty programs are widely implemented in the hospitality industry, yet many traditional business owners have not been familiar with loyalty […]
hottab loyalty program

4 Types Of Customer Loyalty Programs For Your Restaurant

The relationship a restaurant has with its customers is imperative to its success. No matter how high-quality its services are, guests will not come back if they feel taken for granted. Restaurant owners, in an effort to retain their customers, have conducted diversified customer loyalty programs (CLPs). Although each business has their own original method, […]
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