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The Dieu Cay’s of Hazzard

It is referred to as the "King of Fruits" in Asia because, it apparently "tastes like heaven, but smells like hell". It looks a lot what I would imagine a giant alien creature's egg to look like. Yet, this gigantic stinker holds a lot of cultural significance. When its the season you can find durian in hundreds of different varieties from ice cream to candies to plain pieces, stinking the place up everywhere.
Sloshed in Translation

Sloshed in Translation: Izakaya in Hanoi Oden NaNachan

Traditionally the Japanese go in for the feeding frenzy to accompany those nights of hard drinking and bad decisions. It’s not for me – not by any stretch. To me, food is the drunken afterthought at 4am, by which point your standards are lower than a night out in Croydon. Oden NaNachan beat Croydon like a gong and then some.
Mad Botanist The Gin Specialist

The Dark Alleyway Alcohol Alchemists

An absolute must-see for any recovering alcoholics who believe the wagon has a non-stick surface or even just people who like gin, and ultimately, if you don’t like gin you’re a waste of skin.

Pork a Savoury Saviour

A homely hole in the wall restaurant serving a variety of chicken, duck and BBQ roast pork dishes. Cheap, fast and cheerful.