Sign me up for the next #HOTTAB Hangout

There was an older/middle aged German man who was wearing socks and sandals. We immediately sparked up hilarious yet intelligent conversation. That lasted a while, with various people joining in throughout the night. One of my highlights.

I also spoke to Nigerian guys who were probably the coolest, friendliest and most super chilled people I’ve met! There were so many interesting people. A girl from Peru who likes taking photos a lot and who has a permanent, smiling face.

Guys from Japan and Vietnam who make magic with computers, something I know absolutely nothing about. So I was just smiling and nodding most of the time, but they were super nice. A graceful hostes lady, Mý (or Bubu) was the life of the party. She made me feel at home instantly.

Even the boss man was jamming out and letting lose, that’s when I knew it was legit. What a mellow, interesting evening with a group of people who perfectly matched the vibe. Sign me up for the next one… …Oh and there was free draught beer, tasty snacks and good music (loved the Nigerian house that played for a while).


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