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#HOTTAB for Restaurants

Decrease the time-expenditure of paper receipts by switching to e-receipts, sent painlessly from your POS. Use collected customer information to build long-term relationships with your valued consumers.

Precise. Prepared. Super quick.

Instantly communicate orders and changes from the dining room to the kitchen. Use loyalty programs to delight return customers and incentivise new ones. View detailed analytics about your restaurant and print VAT invoices direct from the POS.

Easy Implementation

#HOTTAB can be deployed in as little as two hours, and sometimes even less depending on the size of your venue and router needs. Our friendly inspection crew will check how your network is configured and return with the necessary hardware to set up your new POS. 

VAT Invoices

Print VAT invoices directly from your POS to save your business time and money. Use e-receipts to collect customer information and optimise your bookkeeping for increased revenue and ease of use.

Grow your business

We offer marketing packages to all of our customers. #HOTTAB will help promote your brand with videos and featured articles on our partner sites and social media channels. You'll also receive invitations to our free monthly #HOTTAB Hangout events where entrepreneurs and customers mingle.
"On behalf of Linguini Fini restaurant I must say thanks to all the #HOTTAB team. Great support at all times. Friendly and professional. Thanks so much, guys. Keep up the good work."
– Andrenelli Jess, Linguini Fini

Reliable communication, all day, every day.

If your staff can use social media, they can become a HOTTAB pro. Every step of each transaction is recorded and guided by the intuitive, hassle-free system.
Smart Promotions
 Give back to your customer base with fully customisable Smart Promotions. Define membership levels, allow payment through loyalty points and add value with discounts.
Offline Mode
Even when not connected to the internet, #HOTTAB will still transmit orders to the kitchen using a local connection. When you're back online, your data synchronises.
With integrated hourly Sales Reports, maintain a birds eye view of your achievements and monitor your inventory. Keep customer profiles and allocate staff quickly.
For Customers
- Fast service
- Pay by rewards points
- Loyalty programs
-  Faster ordering

For Staff
- Integrates with printers
- Supports custom sales
- User-friendly interface
- No-waste e-receipts

For Management
- Print invoices from POS
- Real-time inventory
- Offline and remote modes
- Secure payments

Start Today

Let's grow together.
Contact #HOTTAB for the plan that suits your business. 

Even more incredible features

No more language barrier. #HOTTAB is adaptable and speaks your language.
Manage your inventory and keep supplier information on hand.
Course Separators
Indicate the sequence of serving customer orders per item.
Menu management
Add, edit or remove items on the fly. Create new recipes in mere minutes.
Track successful shifts and allocate your team members to tasks.
Create and manage loyalty programs to add value for repeat customers.
Unlimited and multifaceted in-house services available from a single device.
Manage canteens and other campus expenditures while keeping money in-house.
Bars and Clubs
Huge profits from Lightning-fast service options and Smart Promotions.
Quick service options allow you to instill confidence and loyalty in your customers.
Keep customer service afloat even without consistent connectivity.