Choose the most suitable plan for your Business

US $ O /mo
Everything you need to run your single store:
Single Tablet
Single Printer

Multiple Currencies
Max of 2 users

FAQ support only

Staff Time Log Management

Free Upgrades and Support

US $ 50 /mo
The lite version for your business:
Up to 15 connected devises
Up to 30 users 
Live Support included
Training included (up to 5 days)
 Staff Time Log Management

 Multiple Currencies

Free Upgrades and Support

US $ /mo
Do you need a customized solution?
We would LOVE to come up with a package best suited to your needs!

Hardware is easy with HOTTAB.

Use your own phone and tablets, or use one of the hardware package below that works out of the box.

HOTTAB Also Works With Your Equipment!

Android Phone
HOTTAB works with android based mobile phones.

Android Tablet
HOTTAB POS works with Tablets running on Android version 4.0
or higher.
Receipt Printer
HOTTAB works with ESC/POS Thermal or Dot Matrix Receipt Printers. 
Cash Drawer
HOTTAB works with cash drawers that connect to a receipt printer using RJ11.