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Pasteur Street

What happens when experienced American craft brewing pioneers set up shop in Vietnam and set out to utilize the beautiful, diverse flavours this country has to offer? They make magic.

In three years PSBC (Pasteur Street Brewing Company) has established itself as a beacon of quality and innovation in the small, but booming craft beer industry of Vietnam. Founded by well-experienced American craft brewers, experience is what gives them an undoubtable edge in the craft beer scene, and their level of experience certainly comes through in the beers as well.

They are dedicated to using a finely selected array of ingredients to ensure consistent drinking bliss. It all begins with roasted malt from Belgium and Germany which gives these beers a distinctive character. Imported hops are then added to give that bold, rounded American craft style they are renowned and loved for. Finally, the beers adopt their Vietnamese edge by adding everyone’s favourite local flavours, always innovating and pleasing as they brew. This all results in magnificent beers that conquer the taste buds.

Of all the beers I’ve tasted from PSBC, the two that stand out as miracle works of craft are the Cyclo Imperial Chocolate Stout and the Passionfruit Wheat Ale.

The Imperial Chocolate Stout is one of the most complex yet tasty beers imaginable. The chocolaty, rich sweetness of this strong stout is balanced perfectly with its bitterness and rounded off by smoky, warm flavours which gives it its distinct character. It’s understandable that drinking more than a couple of these beers in one sitting might be an effort for some people, but this beer is so dangerously tasty that you might find yourself overindulging.

Pasteur Street Product

The Passionfruit Wheat Ale is a fruity beer with a fresh, rejuvenating taste that just wins. The beer has a tangy, sweet smell as well as flavour. The whole taste experience revolves around the balance between the zesty passionfruit flavours and the sourness of the yeast which gives the beer its enjoyable finish.

Here’s a fun (and loosely related) fact. Louis Pasteur was a French biologist who discovered the process of heating liquids to kill off bacteria – later known as “pasteurisation”. This revolutionised the world of science and more importantly, it initiated the mass production and consumption of beer globally. Even though Pasteur lends his iconic name to these precision craft brewers, it seems a fitting name for any brewery. However, PBSC’s connection to the name has more depth. The street that their first tap rooms were opened back in 2014 also shares Pasteur’s name. It seems a bit like fate to me.

If you live in Vietnam and you enjoy true quality beer and you are not yet familiar with the miracles that PSBC are brewing, you have been living in a cave. Their website contains everything you would need to know about where to find their beers and what their beers are about. Even though PSBC was only founded in 2014, they are one of the most prominent forces on the market, thanks to the combined experience that has crafted them.

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