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Save money.
Add value.
Go paperless!

Ready to go Paperless? We have the hardware. With #HOTTAB, you can maximise your output without the need for multiple printers. With a network of android devices you can settle tabs and send receipts via email.

Why choose paperless?

With a network of Android devices, settle tabs, and send receipts by email. Build a database of valued clients, then offer big value through re-marketing campaigns via email or social media. Ditch the hassle of multiple printers and complicated paper-filing. Eliminate waste and protect the environment.
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Faster for Customers

#HOTTAB leverages technology to ensure error-free transactions. By utilising a Paperless system, changes to the transaction are lightning quick, saving time and providing a fully transparent transaction.
#hottab FEATURES

Cheaper for Businesses

Going Paperless saves your business time and money. Furthermore, by utilising your customers' contact info, a Paperless system adds value through promotional tools, guaranteeing a larger return rate.
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How It Works

Through a seamless integration with your in-house credit card payment device, you'll have access to payments and #HOTTAB POS from a single device. Customers sign on screen and receive their e-receipt in a flash.
#hottab FEATURES

Environmentally Conscious

Thousands of hectares of forest are being destroyed every year, and the paper detritus of everyday life (and business) is a major contributory factor. By going paperless, you are helping to eliminate waste and prevent environmental degradation.