No Internet? No Problem! Introducing HotTab POS’s Offline Mode.

Cloud-based POS systems are increasingly favored by many businesses which help manage your operations effectively over the internet. What happens to your cloud-based POS when the Internet is not available? To resolve this problem, HotTab introduces a POS system with an effective offline mode.

Cloud-based POS’s Important Features

It is frustrating and stressful when the kitchen printer doesn’t receive your orders from the waiter stations, especially when it’s one of your busiest nights.

Compared to the traditional POS systems, a cloud-based POS enables the restaurant staff to track real-time transactions using remote devices such as iPads, tablets or laptops. Live sales data at your fingertips, and most of them run web-based reporting that helps you gather business intelligence on the go and produce account ready reports.

One Big Shortcoming: Internet Dependency

Perhaps one of the major shortcomings of Cloud-based POS systems is their dependency on the internet connection. As the internet becomes unstable or completely cut off, you are forced back to the manual way of operating. Many POS users complain about the slow system and unreliable printing problems when they use a regular cloud-based POS systems.

A Solution Offered by HotTab

To address these issues, HotTab POS is now offering an offline mode. With this offline feature, restaurants can continue operating #HotTab POS without interruption. User login, creating orders and sending prints to the kitchen do not require an internet connection.

With this important feature, we at #HotTab aim to provide you with a quality product which is more reliable and faster than regular, cloud-based POS systems.


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