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#HOTTAB for Hotels

Mobilise your cashiers with #HOTTAB, a complete POS which integrates with Infor as well as other Property Management Systems. One tablet can replace dozens of pay stations, saving your business enormous costs via streamlined recruitment and training.

Cover all points of sale without limit.

#HOTTAB optimises your team by eliminating the need for a multitude of cashiers and allows them to focus on delivering terrific customer service. Check consolidated reports in one interface and use #HOTTAB alongside your existing PMS to save time and money.

Simplified Operations

Your POS outlets are major sources of revenue. Eliminate the paperwork and overheads. #HOTTAB integrates with your PMS and makes sure that any incidental charges are logged by the system, clarifying billing and freeing your staff to focus on other revenue-generating tasks.

Increased revenue

Your guests will be able to purchase goods and services wherever there is a #HOTTAB configured device - no need to call room service. Unlimited points of sale, multilingual and responsive, empower guests and increase their satisfaction. Transactions are billed to their rooms and settled at checkout with zero-hassle.

Streamlined Recruitment

Many hotels typically have a cashier manning the bar, the restaurant, the spa, the gift shop and so on. With #HOTTAB, one tablet can take the role of many cashiers, saving your hotel enormous costs from recruitment, employment and training in the immediate and long-term. Because the tablet is mobile, your staff will also be able to take orders from anywhere, increasing sales potential throughout the venue.

Hotel operations simplified.

#HOTTAB can be used in conjunction with your hotel's property management system, including Infor, saving you time and money by consolidating data.
Fast Deployment
#HOTTAB doesn't need expensive cashier stations to run. Installed quickly, it can take the place of your pay stations with no additional changes to your network.
Consolidated Reports
Bring your entire operation into focus with all-inclusive expense reporting. Housekeeping staff, laundry, inventory and suppliers are accounted for in one POS.
Allow your guests to order anywhere there is a tablet. Your cashiers can take orders anywhere, too, maximising opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell across your venue.
For Guests
-Running tabs during their stay
-Order from anywhere
-Multiple payment options
-Supports loyalty programs

For Staff
-User-friendly interface
-Streamlines cashier role
-Easy order management
-Allocate team members

For Management
-Detailed reports
-Unlimited printer integration
-Manage your hotel remotely
-Integrates with Infor

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Even more incredible features

View detailed analytic reports and export them to accountants for easy bookkeeping.
Integrate with infor
#HOTTAB can integrate with Infor as well as other property management systems.
#HOTTAB speaks your language, maximising convenience for both your staff and your guests.
Staff Management
Every employee has their own secure account. You'll be able to track who does what in your hotel.
Variants and modifiers
Variants of your products define sizes, colours and more. Customise items to suit guest preferences.
Take your hotel with you and manage your venues and staff from your smart phone!
Guaranteed growth and fast-tracked decision making via advanced tools.
Manage canteens and other campus expenditures while keeping money in-house.
Bars and Clubs
Huge profits from Lightning-fast service options and Smart Promotions.
Quick service options allow you to instill confidence and loyalty in your customers.
Keep customer service afloat even without consistent connectivity.