Society Pass partnering with HANDY, a promising domination over the online food delivery market in Vietnam

Despite many difficulties placed on businesses during Covid-19, the delivery business has experienced exceptional growth, notably online food delivery services. Seizing this opportunity, Society Pass cooperated with Handy, marking another “big name” joining the online food delivery market in Vietnam with a promising domination in the near future.

In May 2021, Society Pass officially signed the partnership with Handy, laying foundations for a new face entering the online food delivery market in Vietnam. Despite being held online due to the pandemic restrictions, the signing ceremony still attracted enormous attention from investors, professionals, as well as consumers.

Unlike other industries, the food delivery business experiences growth even during the pandemic regardless of its impact on the overall economy. This business is distinct in a sense that it strictly requires punctuality from food preparation to delivery to preserve the food’s freshness from the merchants to the customers. Society Pass – with platform and SoPa food ordering app featuring over 3.000 restaurants and suppliers – and HANDY, an application offering delivery services connecting suppliers to customers, will ensure a smooth experience for users, from food ordering through the app, food preparation in the restaurant, to food delivery at doorstep for customers.

Speaking of this partnership, Mr. Raynauld Liang – COO of Society Pass, proudly stated:

Society Pass is very excited to partner with HANDY to further develop and become one of the top food delivery businesses in Vietnam. In the near future, Society Pass and HANDY will focus on developing marketing strategies to reach out to Korean restaurants in Hanoi, and then expand to Ho Chi Minh City at the end of this year. Society Pass also plans to incorporate new restaurants and suppliers (not limited to Korean restaurants only) onto the HANDY platform. This cooperation marks a big step forward in the development of Society Pass. And now, alongside with the main delivery partner Lalamove, Society Pass has HANDY as another delivery option for customers. In addition, partnering up with HANDY allows Society Pass to enter the promising Korean market in Vietnam with full of developing potentials.

Raynauld Liang, society pass COO

At the same time, CEO of Handy, Mr. Seo Jun Ho shared:

Society Pass is operated by Mr. Raynauld Liang, an outstanding investor and businessman with notable ambition focusing on the market of Vietnam and South East Asia. I’m very excited and grateful for the opportunity to cooperate with Mr. Raynald Liang and Society Pass. Society Pass and HANDY have the same goal of investing in the rising e-commerce market and IT platform currently dominating South East Asian countries. Society Pass has developed an efficient ecosystem for restaurants and hotels, while HANDY offers superb delivery services. This partnership marks a remarkable turning point for both in Vietnam’s market. Starting from Hanoi, we will work on expanding our services to Ho Chi Minh City, and gradually branch out to other cities and provinces within this year. With our shared goal of reaching out to the right persons, to the right customers, with the right services, HANDY and Society Pass will experience great progress.

seo jun-ho, handy CEO

Entering the food delivery market that is already dominated with many “big names” yet is known for attracting many passionate and energetic entrepreneurs, the partnership between Society Pass and Handy is expected to introduce new, punctual, and smooth experiences for consumers in Vietnam.

Society Pass: Society Pass is a customer loyalty and analytics platform with millions of users’ transaction activities everyday. Society Pass provides merchants with – an online commerce platform for users, alongside with #HOTTAB Biz – a convenient order management app for business partners on, and #HOTTAB POS – a specialized POS technology solution, a comprehensive system for payment, loyal customer management, user’s profile analytics, and convenient financial support packages for small and medium-sized enterprises. All tools offered above will allow businesses to attract and retain customers through personalized interaction based on analytics with a high profit margin.

HANDY: HANDY is a technology product developed to address the inconvenience experienced by Vietnamese customers in delivery services. In addition, HANDY is currently transforming into a digital platform where suppliers and consumers can make transactions more convenient, faster, and easier thanks to IT. The HANDY application focuses on doorstep delivery service for densely populated areas in metropolises across Vietnam. Since the launch of HANDY’s first application version in January 2020, transaction activities have quadrupled, with the number of new member registration increased 40% per month on average. The updated version is expected to officially launch in the first half of 2021.

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