Hottab Biz

Manage your business from anywhere, anytime

Our loyalty and analytics app transforms stores of all types and sizes into digitized storefronts with effective customer loyalty programs and fully integrated mobile POS.

Merchant Partnership

When you use Hottab Biz, we will assist you in optimizing costs and increasing revenues through a combination of personalized branding tools and joint marketing campaigns.

Dedicated POS Solution

Hottab Biz and Hottab POS system function online or offline, allowing transactions, redemptions, orders, and rewards to continue interrupted even in a power outage. You only need a smart device and five minutes in order to be able to engage our entire platform.

Easy to use for everyone

Why waste your precious time on figuring out an app? Hottab Biz app is made simple so even if you’re not the most fluent in tech in the room, you can still use our app flawlessly!

Customizable For You

Your business is like no other! Whether you’re trying to understand the bigger picture of your business, or create new ways to create personalized deals for your customers, Hottab Biz will surely be able to provide you the right solution for your unique business needs.

Online shop or homey café? We got you!

Hottab Biz can cater to stores with different ordering methods. 

Delivery? Check. Take-away? Check. Dine-in? Check! In our future updates, customers can even book tables and order in advance so your business will always get a heads-up.

Turn one-time customers into lifetime friends

You can reward your customers in with personalized discount code on their birthday or a special voucher for a holiday coming up. The more the merrier!

Lasting brand loyalty

With Hottab Biz, you can issue SoPa Points – a loyalty point system where customers can accumulate points with every order and redeem them with any restaurant and business on our consumer-facing SoPa app and online marketplace

Experience Hottab Biz today

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