Hottab POS

The Future of POS

Our Hottab POS functions both online and offline, allowing transactions, orders, voucher redemption, and rewards to continue uninterrupted even during a power outage. You only need a smart device and five minutes in order to be able to increase your market presence and revenue using our entire platform.

Increase revenues and Streamline costs with Hottab Biz

Increase your sales with Hottab Biz and grow your business with our special joint marketing program, loyalty management, customer profile analytics, SME financing packages and comprehensive payment infrastructure. Our world-class Customer Care department provides attentive service and fast response.

Hottab Ecosystem

Hottab Biz

Our loyalty and analytics app transforms stores of all types and sizes into digitized storefronts with effective customer loyalty programs and fully integrated mobile POS.

SoPa Ecosystem

Our online marketplace and SoPa consumer “super app” helps you provide products and services to millions of Vietnamese consumers.

Merchant Partnership

This value-added program is designed to optimize costs and increase revenues for you through a combination of personalized branding tools, joint marketing campaigns, and special vendor financing program.

Vendor Finance

You can apply for special vendor finance on computers, tablets, equipment purchases, or cash loans to kickstart your business.

Digitize Your Store for Free

Hottab Biz application and website give you access to millions of new users, online order and delivery management, in-store POS, supplier ordering management, along with the ability to access payments by cash, credit, debit, and points without the need for any equipment.

It’s completely free to register your store and use Hottab, and we don’t charge any commissions on orders. It also takes 5 minutes and can be done right now… What are you waiting for?

Hottab gives you all the tools you need to completely digitize your operations, no matter how big or small. Whether you have a 100-restaurant chain or a cozy ground floor cafe, we’re ready to help you grow on our comprehensive and multilingual platform.

Since we connect consumers' cash, credit, debit, and points to our SoPa app, they can pay you online or by scanning a QR code from your Hottab Biz app – no need for a card machine or POS terminal. Do you have a phone? Then you’re ready to use our entire software suite.

Hottab’s unified platform and ecosystem of users gives you in-depth data-backed understanding of your customers, what they want, and when they want it. By using Hottab POS, order management, and supply management, you’ll have searchable records and insightful analytics on everything you do.



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