Future of POS

Our Hottab POS functions both online and offline, allowing transactions, orders, voucher redemption, and rewards to continue uninterrupted even during a power outage

Offline Mode

Automatic offline transaction storage ensures business as usual during a power outage, then re-synchronizes with the cloud when the internet is back on

Go Agile

Waiters become cashiers! Your staff need only a smartphone or tablet to place orders, manage tables, and process payments

Easy Deployment

No more clunky, expensive device! If you own an Android phone or tablet, you only need 5 minutes to get our POS system running on your device


Keep track of your business activities anytime, anywhere!

Our all-in-one Hottab POS Admin Dashboard will help you:

Follow the Money

Check daily or monthly revenues, number of orders, along with their best-selling items

Stay on top

Supervise managers and staff’s actions on the POS system

Always be Prepared

Closely track business’s supplies and ingredients

Stay informed

Receive daily email report about business revenues and activities, with receiving time fully customizable by the business owners

Cloud Access

Analytics and reports anywhere, access our cloud based application from anywhere to get real time analytics of customer relation information, point of sale data, storefronts and generate reports with useful insights.


Smooth workflow no matter how hectic things get!

Assign Tiers

Business managers can assign access levels and various actions to lower-level staff: delete/pay bills, delete/add items, etc.

Simple is better

Business activity flow is quick and smooth even during peak hours thanks to Hottab POS’s simplified user interface

Keep a close eye

Waitstaff can mark dishes that have or have not been served to guests

Check tables

Staff can manage and book tables easily on the application

Hottab Ecosystem

Hottab Biz

Our loyalty and analytics app transforms stores of all types and sizes into digitized storefronts with effective customer loyalty programs and fully integrated mobile POS

Hottab POS

Our affordable and fully customizable POS system that can cater to restaurants, cafes, and hotels of every size

Sopa Ecosystem

Our online marketplace SoPa.asia and SoPa consumer “super app” helps you provide products and services to millions of Vietnamese consumers


Our Partners


On behalf of Moose & Roo restaurant, I must say thanks to all the Hottab team. Great support at all times. Friendly and professional. Thanks so much guys! Keep up the good work!



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