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#HOTTAB for cruises

No need to spend money on satellite wifi - #HOTTAB works without an internet connection, making it the ideal solution for offering competitive customer service, high or low tide.

Deliver incredible hospitality at sea.

#HOTTAB's offline mode allows you to benefit from all of the features of a land-based POS, using a local connection in place of wifi. Additionally, #HOTTAB payment cards decrease wastage, save time and allow your guests the choice of ordering where and when they wish without the hassle of dealing with currency.
(Mobile) Cruise POS 2
Mobile Cruise POS

Offline Mode

#HOTTAB is perfect for cruises, and uses the internet primarily for data synchronisation purposes. Without Wi-Fi, operations continue as normal using a local connection between a central cashier station, waiter tablets and any printers you may have onboard. Take payments and customer details as per-usual. When you're back ashore, transactions which occurred during the voyage are backed up to the cloud.

Go Cashless

Offer your guests total convenience with a #HOTTAB payment card. Credit can be added before a cruise or settled when the ship returns to harbour. This eliminates the difficulty of handling currency onboard, increases revenue and removes any disputes which may arise over billing, as all transactions are clearly recorded in the system.


#HOTTAB can be configured with any language, and so it is the ideal automated waiter to have around when you have international staff and guests. Customers are able to order anywhere there is a tablet, in their own language, and in their own time.
“The reason why we contacted #HOTTAB in the first place was we were looking for a tab system where customers could pay at the hostel...and the boat as well...customers can put money in and pay it wherever they go."
– Vo Phi, Viland Travel

Informative. Efficient. Flexible.

Alternative Payment
#HOTTAB cards facilitate a cashless environment, eliminating the hassle of dealing with currency. Guests can pre-pay or settle their tabs on cruise exit.
#HOTTAB offers the ability to split checks, merge orders and offer custom sales with a swipe of your finger. Your staff will benefit from the easy, intuitive system.
Offline Mode
#HOTTAB uses a local connection between tablets and will operate normally even out at sea. When connected to the internet, #HOTTAB syncs your valued data.
Guests are able to order anywhere you choose to place your #HOTTAB configured device. It also comes with language options to support international guests.
For Patrons
-Multi-language options
-Order from anywhere
-Custom sales
-Cashless payments

For Staff
-User-friendly and efficient
-Supports multiple printers
-Offline mode
-No-hassle payment options

For Management
-Real-time inventory management
-Integrate loyalty programs
-Detailed reports and analytics
-Easy staff management

Start today.

Let's grow together.
Contact #HOTTAB for the plan that suits your business. 

Even more incredible features

View detailed analytic reports and export them to accountants for easy bookkeeping.
Configure #HOTTAB to work with the unique needs of your staff and your customers.
#HOTTAB speaks your language, maximising convenience for both your staff and your guests.
Inventory management
Monitor changes to your inventory and keep your supplier information in one interface.
Don't spend thousands on stellite wifi or cashier stations. Works with your existing android devices.
Staff Management
Keep staff information handy in one interface, track successful shifts and set permissions.
Unlimited and multifaceted in-house services available from a single device.
Manage canteens and other campus expenditures while keeping money in-house.
Guaranteed growth and fast-tracked decision making via advanced tools.
Bars and Clubs
Huge profits from Lightning-fast service options and Smart Promotions.
Quick Service options instill quick confidence in your loyal customers.