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The tourism industry in Vietnam is skyrocketing and is projected to keep doing so into the future. People from all walks of life, all over the world are flocking to Vietnam for a unique cultural and culinary experience. The only issue that keeps popping up in their quest for authentic, delicious Vietnamese cuisine is the language barrier. One of the most important things for a restaurant in a popular tourist destination to have is a professionally translated menu in English and the language that most of the tourists speak.
According to the statistics most of the tourists that visit Vietnam come from China, Korea, Japan and Russia. These four countries alone contributed to around 10 million visitors to Vietnam in 2017. The amount of Chinese speaking tourists that visited in 2017 is around 5,5 million. These figures might be staggering, but they are projected to keep increasing into the future. Let’s do some quick math here. 1 Chinese speaking tourist will spend around 10$ per meal on average, and 5.5mil Chinese speaking tourist visited Vietnam in 2017. Let’s assume your restaurant can serve only 1% of Chinese speaking tourist due to your menu being in Chinese, that’s already 55 000 people. Now, let’s calculate your potential increased revenue – you stand to gain more $550 000 (11.5 billion vnd). If you don’t present your menu in Chinese, on the other hand, 11.5 billion vnd will be going directly into your competitor’s pockets.
It seems like the most obvious thing to do when you think of the financial gain it holds. Think of the benefits of having your menu perfectly translated into the languages of the tourists who frequent your area the most often, it can only boost your restaurant to the next level. A lot of restaurants do their best to translate and present their menus in English, usually with a ton of terribly embarrassing mistakes, but its less common to find the same done for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian, for instance. These should be the languages restaurants should be presenting their menus in, not only English and Vietnamese, because very few people who speak those four languages can speak English too.

One company sees this as an opportunity to connect great food with as many people as possible. By breaking down the language barriers that can have customers turning away, their multilingual solutions open new worlds of possibility. #HOTTAB helps you professionally present your menu in multiple languages and avoid falling behind in what’s becoming a tourism revolution in Vietnam.
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