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Hanoi Hotel – D8 /Giang Vo,Tran Huy Lieu Street, Ba Dinh District 10xxxx - 15xxxx Hanoi, Vietnam

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Connect to 10 million new customers

“Unfortunately, even with the miracle of the internet in our pockets, on our smartphones, translation apps are still useless at correctly translating the names of dishes...”
Hottable Launch

Announcing HOTTABLE

Compiling news and features relevant to Vietnam’s hospitality trade, HOTTABLE promises to deliver a website that is engaging and packed with stories that are “personal, people-focused and bona fide
Craft Beer Festival

A Hanoi Craft Beer Festival Is Happening!

HotTab & Timeclub announces The Hanoi Craft Beer & Music Autumn Marathon will take place on 4th and 5th November 2017. The two day festival will be held at The 100 Garden, 68/238 Au Co, Tay Ho.
hottab working

Because Nine-to-Five is too mainstream

At #HOTTAB we have the whole afternoon to ourselves. As it happens… Walking into the office on Tuesday morning at 07:55, after the long weekend, the quiet tiredness looms in the air. Pale, tired faces look up from the desks as people walk into the office looking like White Walkers. This is going to be […]