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Chief Happiness officer

Your Commitment

• Analyzing the level of happiness in the workplace – this involves interviewing employees to gather their views on current working conditions
• Working with other executives to develop and implement policies that enable or encourage a happy working environment
• Developing effective employee benefit programs – This typically involves ensuring the optional, non-wage compensation given to employees is competitive
• Helping employees to create personal visions that are linked to the organization’s vision
• Generating creative ideas for boosting employee happiness in the workplace – this may involve redesigning the working space
• Organizing sessions or conferences where employees are taught about happiness. The CHO can also lead these sessions
• Participating in the resolution of workplace disputes, ensuring this is done with open hearts and that employee relationships aren’t ruined
• Overseeing a departmental staff that may include employee development specialists, counselors, psychologists and life coaches
• Providing personal advice to employees who may reach out for help, guidance or even inspiration
Recommending books, blogs and other pieces of literature that employees can read to learn more about happiness.
• Looking for opportunities to promote happiness research, like partnering with a local university to conduct a happiness survey
• Train new employees on systems used throughout #HOTTAB - Confluence, Workplace, Gmail, and Google Drive
• Recruitment and on-boarding, career planning, performance management, succession management, engagement and recognition, off-boarding and retirement, all areas from a happiness-oriented approach
• Create proper channels, guidelines and an action path that ensures employees can have their voices heard and a quick response so they know someone is listening to them
• Make sure your company values are demonstrated - Whenever you have a decision to make, a conflict to solve or a need to innovate, your starting ground should be those company values
• Put company values into actionable behaviors and ensure that people demonstrate those values
• Assist team members to gain work experience by pushing them to build on their strengths and take more opportunities
• Help #HOTTAB create and promote growth opportunities for staff to harvest their talents
• Give recommendations to #HOTTAB management and team members on how to create an enjoyable work environment
• Encourage effective teamwork - help staff work together and reach results
• Prepare team-building exercises and quarterly team building trips
• Plan monthly staff dinners, arrange sports clubs, birthday cakes, #HOTTAB events, pizza Tuesdays, and team drinks

Qualifications & Requirements

• A great attitude (and by that we mean you’re active, creative, motivated, fun, approachable & likeable.)
• Passion for start-ups, and working in a close-knit team
• Well-organized and good at multi-tasking
• Ability to maintain composure in high pressure and fast-paced environment
• Ability to work independently and in team
• Strong team building skills
• Great with both verbal and written communications
• Be compassionate and emotionally intelligent
• Excellent people and public relation skills
• A deep sense of cultural awareness
• Strong problem-solving skills
• The ability to think creatively & motivate and inspire others
• The willingness to help other people
Good analytical and decision-making skills
• Bachelor's degree in Human resources management, business administration, or a related field
• A good business sense, because at the end of the end of the day, happiness initiatives should boost the organization’s business performance


Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City

Your Benefits

• Dynamic & Creative Setting
• Multi-cultural & Diverse Team
• Flexible Hours & Locations
• Career Development
• Competitive Salary
• End of Year Bonus’
• Team Building Events
• MSIG Insurance and Vietnam Insurance
• 12 days of Annual Leave
• 10 days of Sick Leave
• Employee Equity Plan*
*conditions apply


Depending on Experience Level


#HOTTAB is one of the most innovative startups, based in Hanoi, Vietnam. We are working on transforming the experience of F&B industry to a whole new level globally. 

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