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Hanoi Hotel – D8 /Giang Vo,Tran Huy Lieu Street, Ba Dinh District 10xxxx - 15xxxx Hanoi, Vietnam

#HOTTAB for cafés

Every customer has a favourite spot. Guarantee their return  with #HOTTAB's Quick Service mode, allowing your valued team members to complete kitchen orders and operate as cashiers all at once in one place. This keeps the queue moving and your customers and staff happy.

Keep your regulars coming back, every time.

High-volume transactions in a competitive service industry require consistency in staff operations. After onboarding your staff for #HOTTAB, all baristas will be ready at battle stations to pour perfect lattes, complete with milk foam leaves.

Lightning Deployment

#HOTTAB works with a local area connection, so set-up typically only requires one router per floor to work with your devices. Installation can take place mere hours after your venue has been inspected by our friendly team.

Quick Service

Use quick service mode to speed up and simplify your operations. One tablet can fulfill the role of both cashier and waiter, allowing your team members to open and close transactions quickly. Each step is recorded in the system for you to monitor from your office or even on the go.

Cost-saving Training

Our experts will ensure that your crew are onboarded for regular operations. Staff and manager training can typically be completed in only two days and will enable you to streamline the cashier role and increase revenue long term.

Quick service and zero-waste.

Quick Service
Boost service time for small operations by filling closing tabs instantaneously.  Benefit from the confidence of a completed transaction before closing orders.
Efficient service means reducing time wastage. Utilising cleverly- placed receipt printers and Quick Service options, your patrons will receive their latte fast!
True community engagement is achieved when people feel valued. Give back to your patrons with a fully customisable loyalty system which learns their preferences.
 #HOTTAB provides a reliable set of tools that will empower your valued team members, allowing them to focus on delivering great customer service. 
For Patrons
- Fast and accurate service
- Customer rewards programs
- Custom sales and modifiers
- Superior customer service

For Staff
- Supports modifiers
- Handle multiple transactions
- Intuitive interface
- Works offline

For Management
- Supplier management tools
- Integrate loyalty programs
- View successful shifts
- Monitor inventory

Start today.

Let's grow together.
Contact #HOTTAB for the plan that suits your business. 

Even more incredible features

#HOTTAB works offline, so poor connectivity won't affect your business.
Detailed analytics allow you to track your best shifts and team members.
We can customise #HOTTAB to suit the needs of your venue.
Allow your regulars to pay their way - card, cash or through loyalty points.
Loyalty Program
Create a rewards program that guarantees repeat business and adds value.
#HOTTAB supports modifiers and variants for special customer requests.
Unlimited and multifaceted in-house services available from a single device.
Manage canteens and other campus expenditures while keeping money in-house.
Guaranteed growth and fast-tracked decision making via advanced tools.
Bars and Clubs
Huge profits from Lightning-fast service options and Smart Promotions.
Keep customer service afloat even without consistent connectivity.