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Business Intelligence for Smart Managers

What's selling? Bolster your business via supercharged, easy-access analytics and reporting. Access your data from anywhere your device is, anytime, for one or multiple locations

Simple. Versatile. Mobile.

Escape the hustle and bustle of managing in a fast-paced environment. Access your #HOTTAB POS from the comfort of your own home or lounge and review a comprehensive digital record of your business. Suddenly, work doesn't feel
 like work.
#business intelligence

Sales & Analytics

Our POS that gives you a valuable assist in fast-tracking business decisions. Gain knowledge of what sells and what doesn't with simplified Sales & Analytics through limitlessly customisable reports.
#business intelligence

Comparison Reporting

Location, location, location!
Enhance franchise decision making for multiple stores with the benefit of aggregated business intelligence. Let us take on the complex task of comparing your many stores.
#business intelligence

Real-time Reporting

Hold the phone! Your mobile device is always synced with HOTTAB POS. Access your Sales & Analytics data from anywhere your device is. An entire POS in your pocket, giving you unlimited control.