Bobbing along down merriment river

Like most oxygen-addicted humans, I like a drink and I hate paying for them, so the Hottab Hangout was a no-brainer. Booze does indeed taste better when it’s free and there was no shortage of that last Friday.

I was a little anxious – being new to the company and unsure of exactly what level of intoxication is an acceptable level for these kind of shindigs, but I needn’t have worried. By the end of the night there were slurred ramblings of metaphysics and existentialism that all went over my drunken head at the time.

The beer and wine was flowing freely and bobbing along down merriment river was a wide array of strange and beautiful humans. Most were Hottab employees – but there were new, fresh faces gleaming with alcohol-enriched joy too. After a week in the office together, it’s nice to be able to cut loose together in a carefree environment.

I shouldn’t have eaten beforehand because dish after dish of foods from around the world kept streaming out of the kitchen like some sort of edible clown car.

I bumbled around like an overgrown kid in an adult bookstore; sweaty and bemused by it all.

It wasn’t like those awkward work events where people sit about wondering why, after spending all week staring at the computer screen, should they have to spend their weekend penned in with them too. I’ve been subjected to such miseries in the past and this was refreshingly different.

This was instead, a genuinely human affair and a delightfully cheerful one at that.


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