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Hanoi Hotel – D8 /Giang Vo,Tran Huy Lieu Street, Ba Dinh District 10xxxx - 15xxxx Hanoi, Vietnam

Connect to 10 million new customers

“Unfortunately, even with the miracle of the internet in our pockets, on our smartphones, translation apps are still useless at correctly translatin...
Hottable Launch

Announcing HOTTABLE

Compiling news and features relevant to Vietnam’s hospitality trade, HOTTABLE promises to deliver a website that is engaging and packed with stories...
Pasteur Street

Pasteur Street

Founded by well-experienced American craft brewers, experience is what gives them an undoubtable edge in the craft beer scene...
Cousins Restaurant Hanoi

Keeping The Peace at Cousins

With such dizzying levels of ambition comes the immense pressure of managing numerous fine eateries without compromising on the quality. Thu – assis...
Bia Hoi featurette

Beyond Bia Hoi Corner

You can see a lot of humanity at a bia hoi, from red-faced, exuberant bureaucrats to sloppy-drunk washed-up backpackers to elementary school kids who ...
Kaiser Kaffee by the Hanoi Historienne

The Kaiser Vs Craft

After six years in Berlin, Oanh Nguyen came home to Hanoi and opened Kaiser Kaffee. Now nearly two decades old, the beer hall-esque restaurant offers ...
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