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#HOTTAB for bars and clubs

Every transaction is accounted for and every server has accountability . #HOTTAB's inventory management tools provide a simple and cost-saving way to ensure not a single drop is wasted.

Keep the party going. Every night.

A fast and efficient POS is essential in the frenetic atmosphere of bars and clubs.  #HOTTAB allows staff to handle high-volume transactions, keeps your inventory secure and ensures positive customer experiences.

Inventory Management

Keep your stock secure with #HOTTAB's inventory management inferface. You'll be able to monitor reductions to alcohol as they occur even when you're working remotely. This will save you an unprecedented amount of time when it comes to restocking and put you on top of communications with your suppliers.


Training your barkeeps to use #HOTTAB can be completed in just a day. Once they've been trained, they'll be able to handle multiple transactions simultaneously, handle split and merged checks, all with a smile. The ease of use will also spare you the headache of onboarding new staff in the long-term, increasing your revenue without wasting your valuable time.

Flexible Payments

#HOTTAB is equipped to handle running tabs, payments by cash or credit card and can be integrated with loyalty programs for VIP guests. Because each transaction is recorded in the system, this will ensure you have a complete understanding of how much should be in the till at the end of a service.

A cocktail of loyalty and satisfaction

Quick Service
Using quick service options, one bartender can manage the same task load as several, minimising confusion or lost orders.
Easy Payments
Patrons sign on-screen and receive their receipt by email. Choose from a variety of payment options or keep a running tab for long nights of revelry.
Intuitive Interface
Tending a crowded bar is a breeze for your barkeep and patrons. Split checks or separate checks with easy drag-and-drop features.
Keep your inventory secure on busy nights. #HOTTAB allows you to see the shrinkage of your stock, by the bottle, in real-time.
For Patrons
- Flexible payment options
- Running tabs
- Custom sales
- Quick and efficient service

For Staff
- No more lost orders
- Handle multiple transactions
- Intuitive, simple interface
- Offline and quick service modes

For Management
- Supplier management tools
- Integrate loyalty programs
- See successful shifts through analytics
- Check transactions and inventory

Start today

Let's grow together.
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Even more incredible features

#HOTTAB works offline, so poor connectivity won't affect your business.
Use #HOTTAB with the mobile devices you already have to plug 'n' play.
E-receipts eliminate the hassle of dealing with paper and speed up operations.
Multilingual, multicurrency and works on a range of devices.
View snapshots of what’s going on in your bar, and see aggregated reports.
Staff Management
Set staff permissions, and allocate them to tasks across locations.
Unlimited and multifaceted in-house services available from a single device.
Manage canteens and other campus expenditures while keeping money in-house.
Guaranteed growth and fast-tracked decision making via advanced tools.
Quick service options allow you to instill confidence and loyalty in your customers.
Keep customer service afloat even without consistent connectivity.