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Announcing HOTTABLE

HOTTABLE – a digital, food and drink publication headed by Warren Campbell – will be launching on 27th October 2017. Compiling news and features relevant to Vietnam’s hospitality trade, HOTTABLE promises to deliver a website that is engaging and packed with stories that are “personal, people-focused and bona fide”.

In association with #HOTTAB, company founder Sanjeev Sapkota commented:

“We initially launched the #HOTTAB Blog as part of our current website for our business customers but it quickly generated traffic. Everyone – no matter their background – has an interest in hospitality whether it’s from a business or consumer point of view.

“The #HOTTAB blog will still be available for our business customers but HOTTABLE will be consumer focused – targeting Vietnam’s tourism and food and beverage enthusiasts.”

Sapkota and Warren Campbell, HOTTABLE Editor, were keen to launch a website that is consumer-focused and social friendly. Campbell said:

“What makes Vietnam special is the food and the people. They pair together like love and marriage. This international hub I call home has a lot to offer when it comes to cuisine – both local and international. Why not celebrate this?”

What sets HOTTABLE apart is its community focus. While most channels publish food and drink news, it’s usually limited to one of many categories on a page. Campbell added:

“Hanoi – though a city of near 8 million – feels like a community. The same can be said about Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. Each local and international dish has a different story to tell as well the people behind them.

“HOTTABLE will include news, features, general interest and video content. The focus is people. All stories will be personal, people-focused and bona fide.”


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