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Entire POS In Your Pocket

Simple. Complete. Compact. 
Automate your operations with one reliable point of sale.
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Restaurant POS
Café POS
Bar & Club POS
Hotel POS
Cruise POS
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Reliable ordering system for your Restaurant, Cafe, Bar, or Store

#HOTTAB POS runs completely offline and operates in multiple languages with multiple currencies on your android phone or tablet.
Offline Mode
Benefit from business operations free-of-interruption! Transaction data is stored offline until the lights are back on.
Customer Loyalty
Customer loyalty becomes customer satisfaction via Smart Promotions. Big value for your patrons and business.
Easy Deployment
Error-free transactions and order-taking through our user-friendly app are guaranteed through onsite staff training.
Cost-Saving Recruitment
Transactions are closed by a single tablet. Waiters become cashiers, saving your business incredible costs long-term.
Business Intelligence
Access real-time reports and insights on your phone, and make decisions that will take your business to the next level.
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Made for Convenience.

#HOTTAB POS allows you to link to the multiple printers connected to your router and configure different schedules and item categories per printer, from within the app. You don't even need an IT guy. 

When a printer isn't working, #HOTTAB POS notifies you and saves the tickets to print later. You won't miss a single order ever. 
Unlimited Printers
Printers Schedule
Itemwise Printers

Built for Growth

With the #HOTTAB App for consumers, you will be able to distribute promotions to customers targeted through your loyalty program run on #HOTTAB POS.

Online orders made by your customers on the #HOTTAB App will be displayed on #HOTTAB POS directly for seamless operations without additional system or dedicated resources.
Online Ordering

Prepared for Success

With #HOTTAB POS you can track your net sales, gross sales, card sales by day, week or months; and also per server or per order to understand your business more.

With the weather, holidays and industry trends integrated with your POS data #HOTTAB POS aims to help you visualise and prepare for the future of your business.
#HOTTAB Tablet ... very good nhe.
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