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Hanoi Hotel – D8 /Giang Vo,Tran Huy Lieu Street, Ba Dinh District 10xxxx - 15xxxx Hanoi, Vietnam
Viland Travel

Oasis Bay Party Cruise

The Oasis Bay Party cruise offers guests high-energy entertainment in the beautiful surrounds of Halong Bay. When they got in touch with #HOTTAB, looking to simplify their operations, #HOTTAB had just the solution for their unique venue and services.

The Cruise

Viland Travel offers Halong Bay cruises on one of the biggest wooden boats, the Oasis Bay Classic Cruise. The boat is fully equipped with the most advanced and upgraded technology. Entering the boat, tourists are overwhelmed by its impressive art design.

Viland wanted to generate more sales on their boats and simplify the ordering process on their cruise. They were also looking for POS which would operate without the need for an expensive satellite internet connection.

What we provided

  • Offline mode
  • Cashless payments
  • Transaction records
  • User-friendly interface

The Problem

Like every boat tour in Ha Long Bay, the Oasis Bay Party Cruise staff members would use pen and paper to keep track of guests’ purchases on board, with a receipt for each guest.

“It gave us a lot of problems in the mornings,“ explains product manager Vo Phi. "Customers would argue with staff over items on their bills they believed they hadn’t ordered.”

This situation would understandably decrease customer satisfaction in the event of a dispute but also created difficulties for staff, who often had to recount to guests when items on their bill had been purchased.
"We were looking for a system where customers could put money in and pay wherever they go."
Vo Phi, Product Manager

Our Solution

With #HOTTAB POS, Viland now has a fully automatic ordering system, helping the staff to reduce ordering time and increase the time they spend engaging with valued visitors. Customers are satisfied and staff are empowered, aided by the elimination of payment hassle.

A personal #HOTTAB payment card takes care of everything and records every transaction. The integrated offline mode has spared Viland the cost of an expensive satellite connection, for massive savings long-term in both technologies and logistics.

Not only has Viland Travel been able to improve their business with our innovative solution, but their customers also leave with a smile after experiencing fantastic service and a stunning tour across Halong Bay.

The benefits

  • Simplified training
  • Convenience for guests
  • Easy operations for staff
  • Increased revenue

Incredible features. Smooth sailing.

With #HOTTAB POS onboard, the Viland crew can focus on providing terrific customer service and creating additional sources of revenue for unprecedented value year after year. Here are some of the fantastic features #HOTTAB can provide to any business:
Offline Mode
Without the expense of satellite WiFi, operations continue as normal for Viland's hard-working crew.
Cashless Payments
Disputes over the bill are a thing of the past with Viland's new card payment system.
Transaction Records
Viland's management benefits from having a complete record of all transactions onboard their cruise.
#HOTTAB is easy to use, even on a party cruise. Staff are empowered and recruitment costs decreased!