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From The Canteen To The Stationary Shop.

#HOTTAB Cards offers campus administrators the simplicity of managing their books while giving parents of students the knowledge of where their money is being spent as well.
Chart school pos
Top-up in a few clicks.
Top-up staff and student cards via website, mobile app, on-campus card vending kiosk, or scratch card. Just a few clicks and you're ready for the canteen
Simplified process
Similar to any retail operation, school campuses experience a high volume of transactions per day. HOTTAB CARD, paired with HOTTAB POS, offers a simple payment solution for staff and students
Family Login
Family or group account access gives parents the knowledge of what is being purchased and when. Any credit card holder can top-up the card when needed
Saving admin costs
HOTTAB POS takes accounting and inventory management to the next level, radically reduces the administration’s workload, saving your school time and money
The Benefits
For Students
Cashless payment
Doubles as Student ID Card
Teach Student financial Management
Peace of mind having money with them always
For Parents
Monitor Spending
Student's spending report
Set spending Limits
For the School
Spending report
Inventory report
Cashless Catering and transactions
Keeping Money In-House
Financing Options
From a Free-to-Start option to Flexible Financing, we've got you covered!
For the plan that best suits your school, call 098.136.2336
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