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#HOTTAB for schools

Use a credit-loaded #HOTTAB card to speed up transactions on campus, increasing your revenue, whilst also giving parents an easy way for them to monitor their child's spending.

From The Canteen To The Stationary Shop.

#HOTTAB Cards offers campus administrators simplicity in managing their books. It also allows parents to monitor and direct their child's spending using permissions, giving peace of mind to parents and financial security to students.
School Card Infographic
School Card Infographic (Mobile View)

Easy payments

Use a #HOTTAB payment card to facilitate cashless payment on campus. Top up is easy and elminates the paperwork and hassle of dealing with currency on campus. Students can use #HOTTAB at the canteen, the uniform store and at any fundraising bake sale!

Simplified Administration

Schools experience a high volume of transactions every day and book-keeping and accounts can become a major hassle if transactions are logged manually. All bills are recorded automatically using #HOTTAB, so accounting is an absolute breeze. Detailed analytics will allow schools to track sources of revenue on campus and see which items on their inventory are costing money long-term.

Safe and Secure

#HOTTAB is an easy and simple way for both parents and school administrators to track purchases made by students on campus. Parents are able to view in real time how their money is being sent and to set permissions, if they wish, to restrict payments at certain locations. Because it can be topped up remotely, it also means parents can ensure their child is financially secure while at school.

Made for convenience.

Quick Top-up
Top-up staff and student cards via website, mobile app, on-campus card vending kiosk, or scratch card. Just a few clicks and students are ready for the cafeteria.
Simplified Payment
 Similar to any retail operation, school campuses experience a high volume of transactions per day. HOTTAB CARD, paired with HOTTAB POS, offers a simple payment solution for staff and students.
Family Access
Family or group account access gives parents the knowledge of what is being purchased and when. Any credit card holder can top-up the card when needed. Parents can also set permissions if they wish.
Reduce the amount of time managing school accounts by streamlining transactions and monitoring inventory using detailed analytics and real-time reports.
For Students
-  Cashless, hassle-free payments
- Doubles as Student ID Card
- Teaches financial management
- Ensures financial security at all times

For Parents
- Keeps your child's money secure
- Set spending limits for each card
- Monitor how money is being spent
- Quick to top-up and easy to use

For Schools
- Accurate spending reports
- Inventory reporting
- Cashless catering and transactions
- Keeps money in-house and secure

Start today.

Let's grow together.
Contact #HOTTAB for the plan that suits your school. 

Even more incredible features

Can be modified for any language and any currency for total convenience.
Manage your inventory and keep supplier information on hand.
Offline mode
No internet? No problem. #HOTTAB operates normally without WiFi.
Simple and fast to use. Anyone in the world can use #HOTTAB!
Ongoing SUpport
Our experts will train and support you in #HOTTAB's use until you're experts!
One #HOTTAB tablet is all it takes to get started and save time and money.
Unlimited and multifaceted in-house services available from a single device.
Guaranteed growth and fast-tracked decision making via advanced tools.
Bars and Clubs
Huge profits from Lightning-fast service options and Smart Promotions.
Quick service options allow you to instill confidence and loyalty in your customers.
Keep customer service afloat even without consistent connectivity.