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Because Nine-to-Five is too mainstream

Riana van der Westhuizen

At #HOTTAB we have the whole afternoon to ourselves.
As it happens…

Walking into the office on Tuesday morning at 07:55, after the long weekend, the quiet tiredness looms in the air. Pale, tired faces look up from the desks as people walk into the office looking like White Walkers. This is going to be a long short week.

At #Hottab we have a pretty relaxed vibe going on. Working flexible hours keeping the suggested office hours in mind of 10:00 to around 18:00 with a 2 hour lunch break, we had a pretty good setting going on. And when you feel you have something good going then you know it’s time for a change. So we decided to run an experiment to see if we can improve the productivity. Having such relaxed office hours means that some people work more hours than others and this might damped spirits. Now we have set working hours of 08:00 to 13:00 with no lunch breaks. Productivity happens with less disruptions and after the 5 hours we get more done than we did with the flexible hours. The Mommies in the office have a bit more relaxed time in the sense of working from 9:00 to 15:00 with a lunch break.

There’s mixed emotions from the team that range from being happy to go home early to do personal things and others love having a quiet office to work in in the afternoon and others enjoying the afternoon nap at home before setting off to complete some outstanding tasks.

Over the next 10 weeks we will be following the experiment and will be blogging about it regularly to see if we have a new innovation in the working hour norm.


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