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Hanoi Hotel – D8 /Giang Vo,Tran Huy Lieu Street, Ba Dinh District 10xxxx - 15xxxx Hanoi, Vietnam


Attitude Is Key.

Skills and experience are a matter of time, and there will always be either a smarter or a cheaper guy. What makes us valuable is our appetite for risk and overcoming challenges. Our attitude differentiates us from others. 
hottab team

A Team

We are a team that works hard. With the right attitude, we are getting shit done. It also gives us the freedom to decide when and where we want to work from. Flexibility is our strength. Working smart is our superpower. 
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A Family

Besides work, we are also a family. We work hard, we play hard. And sometimes this means a few drinks, too. Pizza, monthly #HOTTAB hangouts, movies, and other fun stuff keep us grounded in a company culture centered on building meaningful relationships both within the company and out.

Good companies make better products, great companies make people.

~ Unknown

Global Team

#HOTTAB is a global team. From north to south, east to west, we have it covered. Our team members come together as a cohesive team to build strong working relationships, support each other and to build mutual respect and trust. That’s how we roll.

Meet the awesome people

A crazy bunch of people from different directions, with diverse stories to share team up together in a melting pot known as #HOTTAB.
We asked our team what their job is here, about their favourite food and which superpower they’d love to own. Here is the result:
Tho Mai
Tho Mai
With a lot of fun, snacks and some beers, he just loves to take it easy. No super power needed.
Simon Duc
With cypernatural superpowers, he wants to take over the veggie world. And the internet. One day.
Cormac Mc Swiney
Front-end Developer
He dreams about teleporting himself to eat Mexican food in every place in the world.
Sanjeev Sapkota
Loves to get into peoples mind to hack their life & make them love Sashimi as much as he does
Van Mai
Van Mai
Van loves to magically get all clients to be with us while having bags full of snacks.
Quang Ngoc
Quang Pham
Tech Support
With a Banh My for brekky we are sure he’ll soon have the super power to get Hanoi clean.
Jun Aoki
Business Development (Japanese Market)
Eating sushi all day long, he would love to make everyone on earth happy in an instance.
Louise Cannoni
With French baguette and Crème brûlée in her hand she wants to grow wings and fly.
Kazim Muhammed
A modern version of “The Flash”, chicken-lover and adopted Hottab as his family. Awww.
Huan Nguyen
With no super power needed, he loves to speak free & eat anything that comes in his way. Yay!
Monique Lindner
Marketing Manager
Making people forget anything, she is teleporting through the world with a ‘Haxe’ on her plate.
Phuong Mai
Mai Phuong
She would love to speak English like a native while consuming all Vietnamese food.
Linh Khanh
Khanh Linh
Loves all food & wish she could travel through Doraemon’s magic door to any place in the world.
Donald Milo
Donald Olutayo
Recharging his energy wih chả lá lốt so he can magically charge his phone without any devices.
Tai Nguyen
Tai Nguyen
Wish to spread the wings and fly, to try all the fried chicken in the world.
Phuc Dang
Phuc Dang
In love with mum’s food he secretly plans to free Hanoi from the traffic jam. Go, Phuc!
Phuong Hoang
Phuong Hoang
Product Management
With her superpower she would build organic farms everywhere and make her granny cook all day.
Jonahs Elevado
Customer Care
With psychic domination he wants people not only share pineapples but make him fruit salad all day.
Theo Masurier
Would love to fly like a bird for the sensation & eating loads of Mexican burritos on the way.
Chuong Phan
Product Quality
Superwoman Chuong would love to learn anything in just a minute. Luckily she loves to eat any food.
Thibault Chauvidan
Front-end Developer
Wants to stop the time and use it to mumble cookies and sleep. The cookie monster’s best friend!
Nicolas Campourcy
Wants to travel in time to eat his favourite ribeye steak with french fries over & over again.
Trung Pham
Trung Pham
Tech Support
As a superhero he would sleep all day & magically consume his mum’s food in between. Yeah.
Ica Atarita
Loving crabs, not only on a plate, she wants everyone to fall in love in her. Done deal.
Noemie Plissonneau
Business Analysis

Finance & Analytics Team

Ashis Gyawali
Bob Stribling
Marco Marchioro
hottab team working

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