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Get your menu translated CORRECTLY not DIRECTLY

Ivan Munro

The tourism industry in Vietnam is skyrocketing and striving to maintain consistency over the time. People from all walks of life, all over the world are flocking to Vietnam for a unique cultural and culinary experience. The only issue that keeps popping up in their quest for authentic, delicious Vietnamese cuisine is the language barrier.

Would you go into a restaurant and “order blindly” from a menu you do not understand? Most people would not feel comfortable making unclear decisions. One of the most important things for a restaurant in a popular tourist destination is to have their menu professionally translated in English and other popular languages.

Most of the tourists that visit Vietnam come from China and Korea. According to the official Vietnamese government tourism website ( in 2017, there were 2,415,245 Korean visitors and 4,008,253 Chinese visitors. That is more than all the other countries put together! Look at the benefits of having your menu translated, correctly, into English, Chinese and Korean.

Think about millions of tourist, all those hungry and curious mouths to feed. Presenting your menu in their language should be a no-brainer. Unfortunately, even with the miracle of the internet in our pockets, on our smartphones, translation apps are still useless at correctly translating the names of dishes and it is a very time-consuming process which turns out to be a complete waste of time in the end

If you have ever been anywhere in Asia as a tourist, you would know how hilarious and embarrassing the translation mistakes on the menus can be. Other than being funny, it is more disappointing to know that these wrongly translated menus are being overlooked by tourist customers despite the fact that these restaurants make excellent food.


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