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Pasteur Street

Pasteur Street

Founded by well-experienced American craft brewers, experience is what gives them an undoubtable edge in the craft beer scene
Cousins Restaurant Hanoi

Keeping The Peace at Cousins

With such dizzying levels of ambition comes the immense pressure of managing numerous fine eateries without compromising on the quality. Thu – assistant manager to the Quang Ba Street branch of Cousins – has been at it for two and a half years with Cousins. “Quality is the key,” she explains.
The Fat Pig Hanoi, Vietnam

How Globalization Brought Local Brews to Hanoi

Craft beer in Vietnam is booming. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City boast at least 20 craft brewers combined, with new ones bubbling up all the time. Stop by Standing Bar in Truc Bach, Furbrew in Tay Ho or Pasteur Street’s new tasting room in the heart of the backpacker district, and the crowds confirm the headlines. And brewers see an even stronger future.
Kaiser Kaffee by the Hanoi Historienne

The Kaiser Vs Craft

After six years in Berlin, Oanh Nguyen came home to Hanoi and opened Kaiser Kaffee. Now nearly two decades old, the beer hall-esque restaurant offers some of Hanoi’s best German food, beer and Teutonic trinketry. Just don’t ask for an IPA.

The Lowdown on Chicken Street

Hanoi's chicken street offers barbecued delights and cold beer, but which of the street's many restaurants rules the roost?

BEER OF THE WEEK: Beers That Bridge

Whatever your preference of beer is, this microbrewery will have a bridge to transport you to that place where your taste buds experience pure nirvana.

Oasis Bay Sails Towards Good Times

Guests on the Oasis Bay Party Cruise in Ha Long Bay love to party and an innovative card solution from Hottab allows them to let their hair down with no worries.

Please Sir, One More Bowl

Hanoi's newest Taiwanese street food restaurant has much more to offer than tasty food.