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Hanoi Hotel – D8 /Giang Vo,Tran Huy Lieu Street, Ba Dinh District 10xxxx - 15xxxx Hanoi, Vietnam

Wanted: Server Manager

Your Commitment.

What you will do
• Set up, manage, and maintain Linux servers
• Set up and manage virtual cloud-based servers (AWS, Linode, DO, etc)
• Take responsibility of managing company’s network system
• Install software and patch versions, manage data, monitor server performance and deal with notices/alerts from monitoring tools

What you bring to HotTab
• A great attitude (and by that we mean you’re active, creative and motivated)
• Passion for start-ups, and working in a close-knit team
• Experience in server management (at least two (2) years would be awesome)
• Experience in working with Linux, Asuze, Nginx, Apache, etc
• Ability to speak and read English reasonably well is a big plus

Your benefits

  • Work flexible
  • Great health care
  • Create your own projects
  • More annual leave (yay!)
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Our Commitment.

What a job at HotTab brings you
• A dynamic, fun, creative environment
• Multi-cultural and diverse team (yes, really)
• Flexible working hours
• An excellent opportunity to enhance your professional English skills
• Competitive salary based on skills and experience
• Plus an end of year bonus
• Regular team building events and activities
• Additional health insurance
• Yearly annual leave days, plus sick leave days if needed
• Eligibility for employee equity plan under certain conditions.
People with great passion can make the impossible happen

Reasons to join us.

Feeling bored with your current job? Pressure due to the limitation of creativity? Conflict based on the work hierarchy? Come to HotTab. We are a start-up company providing updated software solution to customers based in Vietnam. In here, there is no hierarchy between the different roles of the company. Everyone is equal. Together we work on ideas, create new methods and share opinions. We want to boost our creativity and support fairness at work. That is what makes the difference between HotTab and other companies.
People with great passion can make the impossible happen

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