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BEER OF THE WEEK: Beers That Bridge

Ivan Munro

If you like craft beer and you haven’t tasted at least one of the 7 Bridges beers yet, you’re missing out big time. This microbrewery is dedicated to combining local and international flavours to “bridge the gap” between the local and international tastes of beer. Each of its seven beers are represented by different, iconic bridges of Vietnam and the rest of the world. The brand has a passion for connecting the Vietnamese beer consumer with international flavours by using finely selected, quality ingredients.

Their range of craft beer is a diverse and complex selection; they have definitely covered the ground in terms of variety. It’s sure to please pallets from all tastes of life. Whatever your preference of beer is, this microbrewery will have a bridge to transport you to a place where your taste buds experience pure nirvana.

The two bulwark beers are definitely their Golden Ale with the Long Bien Bridge on the bottle and Fire IPA with the Cau Rong Bridge on the bottle. The Long Bien Bridge is a historic landmark in Hanoi and the Cau Rong Bridge is the iconic fire-breathing dragon bridge in Da Nang. These two bridges and beers somehow manage to symbolize the coming of a new era of beer consumption in Vietnam, with quality ingredients and recipes that rivals international standards for craft beers.

The golden ale is one for the books. It is one of the crispiest beers out there and after a hard day at work, this beer is all a person needs to wash away the stress and quench the thirst like not many beers can. 7 Bridges has this to say about their Golden Ale:

“A bright, international craft beer made from a tailored selection of European pilsner and American craft ale hops to make a crisp, refreshing taste with fruity and floral aromas.”

The Fire IPA on the other hand is a blissful explosion of spices which do magical things to the inside of your mouth. The spicy, zesty flavours combine to give you a spicy-smooth aroma as well as taste.7 Bridges comments:

“A bold twist on the classic IPA worthy of the world’s most distinctive, fire-breathing bridge. A unique flavor that reflects the best of Vietnam’s natural spices, creating a fiery hot experience that you don’t need water to wash down.”

Some people may get the feeling that craft beers are overrated and overpriced accessories for hipsters to obsess over, but this brand is sure to change their minds about that. It’s a beer for the people. All seven of their beers are a testament to their dedication to precision brewing and world-class quality. Keep your eyes peeled for this craft beer, there are quite a few places already stocking it in Hanoi like Chops, The Nameless Bar, The Moose & Roo Pub and The Alley, to name a few.

And word on the street is – 7 Bridges are flying out the fridges!


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