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Because Breakfast is best

Riana van der Westhuizen

This is how you add the cherry on the cake.

Yes, Ok, we have great hours at #Hottab. 8 to 1 has been amazing. Talk about getting your cake, and eat it. Getting work done has been the icing on the cake and now we have the #Hottab Breakfast which I call the cherry on top.
From the first 8 to 1 working day we were surprised with #Hottab Breakfast. It’s been proven to be a great success. Because, let’s be honest here. Who wakes up that early and still have the time to eat breakfast at home? Maybe about 70% of people worldwide? We are spoiled, we know.

We have a buffet styled breakfast every morning. The #Hottab Breakfast consists of some traditional Vietnamese food like sticky rice with beans and gio. However because we have such a diverse multi-cultural company we cater for everybody. For the rest of us we can choose from a variety of toast and condiments, yogurt and fresh fruit. It changes everyday to keep the #Hottab Breakfast exciting. The #Hottab Breakfast gets served with coffee, tea and fresh fruit juice. All I know is it takes the stress out of making breakfast at home.

The #Hottab team members feel that they are becoming healthier now and skipping breakfast is a thing of the past. Getting time to catch up with everyone over breakfast is great for team building and the days start off on such a positive note that builds company moral. Working for #Hottab is pretty awesome, having people who care about us and our wellbeing.

Now you ask yourself… Why am I still not working for #Hottab?


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