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Pasteur Street

Pasteur Street

Founded by well-experienced American craft brewers, experience is what gives them an undoubtable edge in the craft beer scene
Bia hoi

Bia Hoi – “Uong di, an di”

They are called Bia Hoi in Vietnam and mine is the best. Not mine, but the one I frequent. The lady who runs it is in her late thirties and she is always so friendly and welcoming. She sells a brilliant German lager beer in a big glass beer mug for 7.000VND a pop.
smoking and drinking

The Dieu Cay’s of Hazzard

It is referred to as the "King of Fruits" in Asia because, it apparently "tastes like heaven, but smells like hell". It looks a lot what I would imagine a giant alien creature's egg to look like. Yet, this gigantic stinker holds a lot of cultural significance. When its the season you can find durian in hundreds of different varieties from ice cream to candies to plain pieces, stinking the place up everywhere.
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