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Authentic food and authentic friendships at the HOTTAB Hangout

Ivan Munro

If you haven’t checked out a HOTTAB Hangout by now, you’re missing out. All it is, basically, is an event where a bunch of chilled out people assemble in a nice venue. There is free beer and free snacks, always of the highest quality, and everyone has an awesome time. The best thing about these events is always the people. The multicultural friendships and universal laughter is what makes it special.

Once again, the HOTTAB Hangout was one for the books. As usual, there was a melting pot of different cultures and people in attendance, from business men to scruffy writers to super-fly Nigerians. The food was insanely delicious: authentic Indian food made by talented Indian chefs.

We were all impressed by the quality of Zaika’s food. Of course, there was free draught beer and a delicious new Vietnamese craft beer called ‘7 Bridges’. These delightful beverages naturally fueled the hilarious, interesting conversations all night long.

It’s weird, but the event happened to fall on the same day as my birthday and it turned out to be one of my most enjoyable birthdays in a long time. They even had a cake with my name on it and everything! They made me feel like a real champion, and I barely know any of them.

I then realised that the people working at HOTTAB are people who really care about others. It’s all so cliché, but they’re like a family, seriously, they are the friendliest human beings. So, next time there is a HOTTAB Hangout, make sure you attend for a fun night of laughs and food!

Written by Ivan Munro

Ivan is a 25 year old gentleman from Durban, a beautiful city on the east coast of South Africa. He enjoys good food, drinking, smoking, making people laugh and talking a lot of shit. He is most passionate about and fascinated by different people and cultures.

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